Got your Back – Workout of the week + tips

A lot of people forget or avoid to train their back… yes of course, you might think it doesn’t matter as much as your abs because you can actually see your sixpack !

Well NO let’s forget this mindset!  GOT YOUR BACK !

Creating muscle in your back is really important, not only for the harmony of the body but also for your entire health!


Back workout fitgirl


What are the benefits of training your back?


  • Improve your posture

If you are sitting down at your desk all day you probably have a bad posture. And I mean there isn’t so many things you can do to improve that! But working out is one of them!

You should improve your posture in order to prevent from hunching over and actually walk with confidence.

  • Prevent from back pain and ache

Yes, you know what I’m talking about! Again sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help for sure and you might come home crying because of your back. If you strengthen it this won’t be a problem anymore!

  • Create a harmonious and balanced body

Look at that backless dress! It looks wonderful. but is it only the dress or is it also that really harmonious back? When you start going to the gym you can’t just focus on your glutes…. Everything has to follow!

Imagine yourself having a sixpack, a great butt but absolutely no back muscles…


Got your back workout


My Back Workout – 4 exercises


Warm up – Take few minutes to warm with very light exercises

Execute all the movement below very slowly and controlled. If you can finish the set easily then put some heavier weights 😉

If you can’t understand the movement with the text below, I’ve embedded a little video below to help 😉


  • One-arm Dumbbell Row

I really like this exercise, I can really feel the muscle working! This will work on your middle back.

Method: You will need a flat bench or box, put your left knee and left hand on the bench. Pick up a dumbbell with your right hand and elevate slowly right next to your chest. Make sure to keep you back straight. Now slowly put it back down (don’t make it touch the floor) – and repeat.  Same on the other side.

Try to squeeze your muscle on top of the movement.

Repetitions:  4 series of 12 per arm


  • Deadlift

Oh dear …. This is a killer for me. It’s a great compound exercise that will work on your lower back, your legs and even your glutes!

Method: If you are a beginner start with a light bar. Keep your feet spaced shoulders-width. Grab the bar just on the outside of your legs ( you can alternate the grip to help you keep the grip). Keep your back flat and slowly stand up. Your hips and your knee needs to move together when you are going up – same when you are going back down.

Repetitions:  4 series of 10


  • Lat Pull down machine

I’ve tried this machine yesterday for the first time and I absolutely LOVE IT! You can really feel your upper back!

Method: Super easy, just adjust the sit for your to be able to be stable. Then grab the handles, keep your back straight and slowly pull down the handles. Squeeze at the bottom for 2 sec and reverse to the starting position.

Repetitions:  4 series of 12


  • Bent Over Barbell Row

You need to be careful with this exercise because if it’s not performed well you can easily block your back … NO JOKE ! This is great for middle back though 😉

Method: Grab a barbell with your palms facing down, and bent over keeping your back straight and parallel to the floor, bend your knees. The barbell should be kind out hanging down right below yourself. Now lift the barbell towards the middle of your stomach. Keep your elbows close to your body. And then go back to starting position.

Repetitions:  4 series of 12


Here is the video showing those exercises ( accelerated of course, please don’t do them that fast :p )


Stretching your back


Don’t forget to spend 5 to 10 in stretching after your workout. This will help for your recovery but also for your muscle growth! I always use a FoamRoller at the end of most of my workout… its painful but its worth it ! Got mine from IdealFit if you want to check it out HERE 😉


So come on, take the time for this workout once a week, this will help you a lot in achieving body goals but also maintain your health !

You can also check out this Booty Workout… if you feel adventurous!


Enjoy & Smile




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