Beauty Box A Lula – She’s My Baby from Look Fantastic


No! I didn’t spend 30 minutes trying to find a title for this article !

Well  obviously this is an article about…. (Drums sounds) BEAUTY BOX

Yes I am a big fan oh monthly boxes… I had a beauty one in France for maybe 2 years (and I kept all the boxes which made my mum very upset at that time)

Anyway here is my little unpacking of my November Box from Look Fantastic


This month, I really like the color of the box, White and Silver perfect for the coldness of the days upon us! 😉

Let’s stay positive!

So 6 products was inside and I am going to present each one of them individually, Lets go!


The Revitalizing Foot and Leg Spray from Bloom and Blossom



Well well, I already had a spray for my face before which I really like to put after a long day at work.

But this is definitely a product that you will enjoy if you wear a lot of heels or also if unfortunately your feet can easily smell bad(When you don’t want to take off your shoes when you get into your crush flat… Not a problem anymore thanks to this small spray 😉 )

It smells great and you will feel very fresh and light when you walk!

The Blush from Model Co



This little cheeky is very very nice! It also quite small so you can bring it everywhere with you!

I got the color ” Peach Bellini”, which goes well with my skin tone! Like some rare Tinder Match 😉

Personally when I apply it, I just put on the biggest smile I can and with a Blush Brush (Mac 150) slightly tap my cheeks peaches.


Hair Volupt Spray from Sebastian



I always always forget to have a small hairspray in my bag when I go for a night out! Big loss isn’t? Well, I just forget every time I go to Boots to buy a small one… But Hey, thanks to my beauty box, I finally have nice voluminous hair all night long!

Also I always have trouble to find product for my hair that doesn’t make them look greasy… but this time it’s defo the one I needed!  (Just FYI, I had to search how to write “Greasy” because I wrote it like this “Grissy”… Damn I knew something was wrong!)


The Mythic Oil from L’Oréal



That is my thing! I use so many oil with my hair because they get very dry after my shower. So this is one more added to my collection.

I didn’t get the chance to try it yet.. But i’ve put a bit in my hand and I can tell you that the smell is delicious!



The Recovery Balm from Monu



This was on my list! I was running out of cream. So I’ve been applying this balm before bed and every morning. I love the smell and I love the texture, what else would I need… well it is Paraben Free and contains a lot of great ingredients like Evening Primrose Oil and Peptides !

If you wonder what effects did I had, well my skin with the winter and the cold get red/pink at some part of my face and since i’m using this cream, it got better! So I enjoy this a lot at this period of the year!


The Angled Blending Brush from Look Good Feel Better


Oh well! The business card of the people working for this company must be BIG!

Anyway, since I moved to UK, I bought a lot of different brushes ( as I didn’t have any before in France, I was basically only using my fingers AH AH), and I love using them for everything now! Of course, I’ve had to learn and practice because it’s not easy, but i’m okay now I think (don’t laugh).

This Brush is perfect for blending everything on your eye! I did a smokey Brown Goldish eye last week end, and I have to say, Its a very good brush if you are looking for a more natural and not heavy look.


Overall this beauty box is

Very very Nice! Sometimes I don’t like some products but this November beauty box was actually really good! I am definitely going to use all the products now or later so for me this is a win!



If you are interested by this monthly beauty box you can check this one HERE on Look Fantastic.

Oh and if you have this box and want to share some feedback with me don’t hesitate! Also If you know another cool boxes, shout the name I will have a look, I might be interested too 😉


Alright Girls, I hope you had a good monday!

I am going to put a little bit of pink shade in my hair right now so enjoy your free time!


Enjoy and Smile





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