Is Eating a Donut the End of the World ?

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I’ve been struggling to find a title for this but TADAM finally got one. In this article, I want to share with you a bit of information about what a treat can or CANNOT do to your body. 

*The below article is written for people like me with no specific fitness objectives or competition*


1- Eating a Treat = 3 hours of treadmill to burn it off

I’ve been seeing a lot of post about this on Instagram, comparing the different amount of calories of treats like Kinder Bueno, Mars bars etc and then how long you would need to work out to burn this off. BLABLABLA

Let’s be honest one minute, are you really going to eat that Chocolate egg and then go off running for 2 hours ? Of course not. I mean at least I’m not!

We really need take a step back and think. Is this little treat going to have an impact on my shape?

The answer is NO – *I’m obviously not saying GO ON eat the entire basket of Easter eggs because yeah in that case you might want to start running 😉

If you’ve been careful with your diet and then for Easter treated yourself then great! I’m sure you didn’t even see a difference on the scale, did ya? One thing though that might happen is, you may feel a bit bloated or tired because your body isn’t used to that much sugar or fat anymore so it needs to process it the right way. But don’t you worry, get back on track and you will feel great again.

Also what we don’t realise is that when we do have cheat days or treats we eat less the rest of the day, so you might actually have consumed less calories than usual! 😉

2- A treat might be what your body actually needs!

Did you ever have a cheat meal and then in the morning did the BEST Leg Workout ever? This happens because of the amount of energy your body just consumed.

The more calories you eat = the more energy you can use = the heavier your can left or the longer your can run.

Sometimes when I hit a plateau and my body just doesn’t seems to progress I have a cheat meal, it’s like a reboot for me. Is it the same for you?

3- Keep some calories for treats

OKAY guys, you want to secret to my current shape? Simple, I eat a treat every day. I’m not even joking. I’m obviously not talking a Mcflurry everyday but I’ll have some chocolate or some candies.

My shape doesn’t move, because I actually incorporate it in my daily diet. Let’s say I should eat between 2000 and 2200kcal per day, I always reserve 200 to 300 calories for a little chocolate bar or some yummy oreos.

It makes me happy and I don’t really feel guilty.
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4- Be Happy, Eat what you want

Life is too short to miss some delicious chocolate chip cookies or a piece of my delicious Pecan Banana Bread! Eat what you love but just make sure to eat it in moderation. Because you know anyway that if you eat too much of it you are going to feel a bit sick and also you will regret it later. When I used to open a bag of candy or crips I couldn’t stop until it was empty… like literally. That is WRONG, and that didn’t make me feel good.

Just eat a few pieces of what you love, this is going to fill up your cravings and you will be the most happy person ever 🙂


When I was younger I was a big foodie. I would eat a lot of treats etc and I was pretty happy and slightly fat at some point 😉

So then I started a very strict diet and training plan. I would feel very guilty every time I ate something that wasn’t on my program and wouldn’t even eat my mom’s cake! LIKE WHAT?

Today I’m really glad I’ve find the best balance ever, I train hard & I eat what I love without much restriction.

What I want to transmit to you guys is simple:

  • Stop feeling guilty after eating a treat
  • Use moderation over quantity
  • Stop thinking that one treat will affect your Shape
  • It might be emotional eating, but if it makes you feel good, go on!  (*think moderation though)


I hope you enjoyed the article, love you all!


Smile & Enjoy



4 Commentaires

  1. 28 avril 2019 / 01:15

    I used to really care what I was eating and felt guilty when I ate things like donuts and cakes, but then I decided that if my body was asking for it then that’s what it would get! I eat pretty healthy foods most of the time, so I agree, the odd treat here and there shouldn’t matter half as much as we think it does!

    • camille
      29 avril 2019 / 14:19

      Yes exactly! It’s just very important to listen to your body. I’m really glad you changed your mindset on this, and now you are
      more free with your diet 🙂

  2. 28 avril 2019 / 14:41

    Thanks for the pick me up! Sometimes just not feeling restricted is enough to power you on without reaching for the donuts!!!

    • camille
      29 avril 2019 / 14:20

      My pleasure! 🙂 You are so right, sometimes we just think too much about what we eat and it becomes an obsession.
      Food should be something that makes us feel good and not guilty!

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