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Oh yea, It’s time for a new glutes workout! With the summer coming I really need to get those Flat Peaches into Juicy ones!

You know what I’m saying?

I’ve recorded a video to show you the movements ( it start after 4 minutes in the video ).


Activating your Glutes

Before starting your glutes sesh it’s very important to activate this muscle. Why ? Because if you don’t you might just work on your Quads or Harmstring! Those activation exercises will help connecting your mind with your glutes ( yeah yeah that’s right) – You need to get them on fire before you even start !

To activate your glutes you can:

  • Do bodyweight exercises with many reps ( glutes bridges, squats, leg raises..)
  • Use a band to create a tension
  • Do 5 minutes of stairmaster and squeeze the peaches !



Full Gym Glutes Workout


Now that you feel your glutes, we can start the workout! You can either watch the video or read it below 🙂


  • Warm up for 5 minutes 

For this you can do stretches or bodyweight squat/lunges – Concentrate on feeling and contracting your Glutes. This is the activation period of your muscle and it’s very important. Especially for a Booty workout.

  • Back Squats – 4 series of 10 reps

I load more weight for each series, sometimes I even decrease the number of reps to 8 if necessary. You need to have feet on your shoulders width or slightly bigger, your toes slightly turn out. And SQUEEZE at the top.

  • Hip Thrust – 4 series of 12 reps

My ultimate favourite! Execute this movement slowly and controlled! You will feel the burn! I would advise to pause at the top for 1 sec ( extra burn)

  • Straight leg deadlifts – 4 series of 10 reps

You need to be careful with your position on this one in order to not hurt your back!  Make sure to keep it straight, you need to feel the contraction in your hamstrings and not your lower back!

  • Sumo Squats – 5 series of 10 reps

For this you can do it like me on a stepper or just on the ground – I like the steppers because I can go a bit deeper.

  • Superset – walking lunges + side walk band 3xmax

You need to do those 2 exercises back to back 🙂 If you don’t have a band just do it without!


If you aren’t tired after this workout, then you probably didn’t put enough weight ! Yeah yeah I see you with your 1kg dumbbells ! 😉


Screenshot the glutes workout

Warm up – Bodyweight exercises 5 mins with long reps
Back Squats 4×10
Hip Thrusts 4×12
Straight Leg Deadlifts 4×10
Sumo Squats 5×10
Walking Lunges Superset 3xMax
Side Walk with Band Superset 3xMax


Get Bigger Glutes with More Food & Training


Well I know I’m repeating myself but you won’t grow your glutes if you only eat 1400 kcal and do cardio each day … sorry

I currently eat around 2000 – 2300 kcal per day because my metabolism is super quick and just burn everything. This is quite annoying as I have a hard time putting muscle and weight on. AND I don’t do cardio ! Because I just hate it anyway 😉

For a round booty you will need:

  • Eat good carbs throughout the day ( Oats, Rice, Quinoa, Banana, Sweet Potatoes..)
  • Eat enough protein ( Whey, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Red Meat, Nuts …)
  • Workout your glutes at least twice a week
  • Don’t sit too long


The Booty Bands – Best accessories booty bands camille lola fit with idealfit


There is few stuff you can buy, but my ultimate favourite are the booty bands.

Why should you use booty bands?

  • You can take them everywhere
  • You can do SO many different exercises (not only glutes)
  • They are cheap
  • You can have multiple level of strength

I love having them with me when I go in holiday or if my gym is close because I can just workout with them anywhere! They are really good for the activation of your glutes!

I would definitely recommend them 100% ! Get 10% with the code ” CAM”  right here


I hope you enjoyed this article and that you feel like it helped you ! Don’t hesitate to comment below and tell me how the workout was ! If you need a bit more info on what to eat or if you want to workout from home -> Check this out !


Enjoy & Smile



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