How to get that Round Booty? Exercises & Video !

Obviously… You knew this was coming right! THE TOPIC! OH ROUND BOOTY GAINZ!

A lot of girls starting their journey at the gym focus on getting a round booty ! It’s good yes and no because what you don’t want is to create body disproportion.

I will explain below:

  • What is this big muscle
  • What are the best exercises to do to train them
  • Check out my outdoor training booty video (no gym needed)


Round booty building

The booty… not one but 3 different muscles


“Hum hum let me put my glasses and take my serious look”

This is the most powerful part of your body and it is composed of three muscles, the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. You want to work on all of them without exception for the best physical result and body functionality.

Having weak glutes can lead to a lot of different “bad sign” like knee pain, bad hips mechanism, wrong body position.

So yes the glutes is a very important part of our body and not only to look good in a bikini!

Unfortunately it will be hard to get the body of a model etc because HEY each one has its own shape! You can be born already with a big rounded booty or a very flat one… This is life and this is genetic! However you can try to work on this for sure!

So how can you help them strengthen and get that round shape?


What are the best exercises for a round booty?

It exist so many different exercises for the booty, here are some that target them directly! At the gym or not!

  • Hip Thrust
  • Straight leg deadlift
  • Bulgarian Squats
  • Leg raises
  • Walking lunges

You will find loads of other stuff like Box jumps, Leg press (feet high), sumo squat etc…

You can do them at home with no weight or with water bottles 😉 or of course at the gym with heavier weights (which I recommend if you want the big bum bum).

Accessories you should buy !  Every time I train my glutes I always use Mini Bands ! They are great for squats, leg raises, hip thrust etc…  I use them in the gym and at home ! Give it a try !

On IdealFit they have a mini pack of 3 mini bands ! Right here !  ( Pssssss if you use the code CAM you can get 10% off)


Here is one of my favourite workout for a round booty:

Superset 1

  1. Hip Thrust ( 4×15)
  2. Bulgarian Squats ( 4×12 each leg)

Superset 2

  1. Walking lunges (4×20 on each leg)
  2. Sumo Squat with dumbbell ( 4×12)

Burner exercise:

  1. Leg raises ( with weights)
  2. Very slow squats

What is very important when you work on your glutes is to SQUEEZE during the movement! And if you find those exercises easy… then it means that you need to have heavier weights! Don’t be afraid by them! You can work on your booty one or twice a week, but please don’t train them everyday! This is crucial for muscle growth to let your muscles rest for 1 or 2 days at least!

Build big and round booty


What to eat for a round booty / glutes growth?


Okay now that you are sweating… it’s time to eat in order to build that muscle! And you aren’t going to do that by eating lettuce and green beans!

You need to eat! Protein, carbs and fats will become your best friend! Yes it’s not all about training!

As you probably know, we all have a calorie requirement to maintain our weight… Mine for example is  around 2000kcal per day. To build muscle you will have to add some calories to this ideal number. My metabolism is quite quick so I will add 150-200 kcal per day. This will feed my body and allow it to produce muscle.

If you want to start a serious diet you will also have to calculate your macros (protein, carbs, fat). You can find lot’s of website that can calculate it for you. But to give you an idea here is what I do when I try to put on muscle mass.

Weight 54kg
Size 167cm
Calories 2150kcals
Carbs 340g
Protein 95g
Fats 40g

Obviously each one of us is different, so you will have to adjust it to yourself (How many times do you work out per week etc)

Check out my article about protein shake and how this can help you!

Round Booty Circuit Workout


Did you enjoy this article? Don’t hesitate to ask me any question you have in mind ! 😉


Enjoy & Smile



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