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I’ve been back from Rome for just 2 days and I really wanted to write this article ASAP. My mind is full of souvenir still and everything can be put on paper! Below I will take you through what’s I’ve done in Rome for 4 days. Get ready! 


Preparation of the trip 

Flight and Accommodation

We booked our flight back in January so it was quite cheap, under £150 pounds round trip. For the accommodation, we actually forgot about it and only reserved the week before our trip. I LOVE Airbnb so we got a very little room near the Colosseum. We just wanted to walk everywhere so this was quite handy!


I did quite a bit of research on this as there are 2 different passes you can get in Rome. The Omnia pass (issued by the Vatican) or the Roma pass. I went with the Roma Pass as it was cheaper and it made more sense with what I wanted to do.

I got the 72h one which include the access to two attractions, unlimited transportation (bus, subway, tram) and reduction on other museum entrance. Keep in mind that this pass doesn’t include access to the Vatican Museum (I booked this on the side).

For the attraction we went to the Colosseum (which also include access to the Palatino Hill and the Roman Forum), I wanted to also go to the Borghese Gallery…. However this was ALL BOOKED until end of April! So if you want to go there make sure to book in advance! Instead we went to the Capitoline museum which was really nice!

For the Vatican we booked a tour with a guide, I would recommend this for sure. I will take you through this later in the article ( Day 2)


Day 1 – Airport to the city + Walk 

We arrive quite early in the morning in Ciampini Airport, got a little ticket to take a bus and then a subway direct to the city center. We were there in 30 minutes.

Got the keys for the Airbnb and went for a big walk in Rome. We didn’t book anything for the first day , we just walk next to the Colosseum, Roman forum, Pantheon, Trevi fountain, Spanish Steps…

Rome street

The highlights of day 1 ?  The night! I found a little bar called The Black Market Monti. When you get in they will ask you for your Club member card…. Don’t panic! You can sign up for free there. It’s a very chilled place with good jazzy music, very cosy. We got a great bottle of red wine Valpolicella and had a great time.

We then went for food at ” LA CARBONARA”  (Via Panisperna, 214, 00184 Roma RM, Italy) WHAT A GREAT CHOICE THIS WAS! Very busy but super worth it. You don’t need to dress up it’s kinda of like a trattoria in a way. We took some Carbonara of course and it was delicious! The best I’ve ever tried! The service was great, same with the atmosphere. They recommend making a reservation though 😉

First day was a success!


Day 2 – Vatican + Walk + Cooking Class

Vatican camille, blogger

We booked our guided tour at the Vatican the week before, and I really recommend you to do the same. As this will save you A LOT of time queueing and you will learn more stuff! I booked the tour on HERE  and chose the “Guided Tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel“. We met with the group at 9H30, skipped the line and got straight in. The guide we had was really great! She told us stories that we wouldn’t have know without her. Her name was Deborah, highly recommend her 😉

She took us through the Vatican Museum, the Sixtine Chapel and THEN we didn’t even have to queue to get into the St Peter’s Basilic which was a BIG WIN!

Those three things are AMAZING! If you like Art and History you are going to love everything in the Vatican!

Our tour went on for the entire morning and then we were free to go. We went for lunch, got some random pizza. We also got a little Tiramisu at ” Two Sizes”, a little unique place that serves different style of Tiramisu, and they are delicious!


At 6pm I had planned a very special evening, but I’m not really going to talk about in this article as I want to make an article just for it! 😉 Just to give you a little clue, we did an Airbnb Experience at the Pasta Factory…


Day 3 – Food Tour + Colosseum + Palatine Hill

Food Tour

Another tour that I booked was a food tour in Trastevere, Campo de’ Fiori and Jewish Ghetto – Click Here to see where I booked.

I recommend booking the one in the morning as you go through a food market which is quite nice to see.

food market in rome

For this tour we had Clelia as a guide a very nice Italian. Should took us to different places to try Roman cheese, Ham, Mozzarella, Pasta and much more. She took us through very nice areas of the city like the Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere.

We stopped at this very old Italian bakery called Roscioli and we bought a Mini Colombe which is a speciality around Easter time. It has almonds and pistachios in it SO GOOD!

Rome pasteria colombe pistachio

My favorite thing about the tour was the Gelato, Oh MAMAMIA! So delicious not like that one you find everywhere in Rome. This one was High Quality! We were a group of 10 and I thought that it was quite cool to meet people from around the world literally.

trastevere rome

After the tour, was walked around Trastevere which is a very cool area and then walked back to the Palatine Hill. There we got a ticket to get in and also a time for our entrance to the Colosseum (skip the big line).

Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, Colosseum 

palatino hill and roman forum rome

Camille Bloom tree Rome palatino hill

orange tree palatino hill rome


I LOVE Palatine Hill, it’s very pretty, you can see ruins, amazing views, gardens. You can also walk straight in the Roman Forum. Perfect for a little chill in the afternoon.

It was then time to go to the Colosseum. To be honest I don’t think it’s an amazing thing to visit. Walking around it is cool enough for me.

We were quite tired after a day like this so we went for a little Aperol Spritz and then found this cool tapas bar called Fuorinorma (Via dei Serpenti, 178). We ordered a bottle of the house wine and a big tapas plate.


Day 4 – Walk Walk Walk 

On Sunday it was suppose to rain, so we didn’t really planned anything specific besides going to the Borghese Gallery. But when we opened our eyes that morning the sun was OUT! Hell yeah!

Rome Coccinelle car street

So we just started wandering and cheering for the people doing the Roma Marathon! This was actually really great as the road were closed down for cars! We went to the Plazza del Popolo, shopped at the BIGGEST ZARA EVER and then went to the Borghese Gallery. This, to realise that we couldn’t get in without a reservation… DUMB.

So instead we went to the Capitoline Museum which was quite interesting and different from what we saw on other sites.

We walked back to Trastevere and enjoyed some street music next to the Tiber River and stopped for a little Aperol Spirtz while our little faces started to get red thanks to the sun.

scooter vespa Rome Trastevere

It was time to go home though. I would say 4 days was enough for sure.


Overall Rome was…

Rome was exactly what I needed! A lot to learn and to see, great food and wine, a lot of walking everywhere and perfect weather. I highly recommend this City for anyone looking for some Cultural Weekend Break.

I hope you enjoyed this article and stay tune for the Pasta Factory article coming soon, this was the HIGHLIGHT of my entire trip.

Camille et Jay Rome

Enjoy & Smile



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  1. 9 avril 2019 / 21:10

    Merci pour cet article riche en informations ! Je prends note

  2. 17 avril 2019 / 08:22

    Oooh I love the idea of booking on to a food tour. I’ve not been to Rome in years, but you’ve made me re-think a re-visit!

    • camille
      17 avril 2019 / 09:56

      It was really perfect as foreigner we don’t know about all the local food. We tried things that I would probably never have asked for in a restaurant 😉

  3. 19 avril 2019 / 21:18

    This is so useful, thank you! We’re planning a trip to Italy and had been looking at Sorento (with a view to going to Rome for a day or two) so this is perfect!

    • camille
      24 avril 2019 / 16:48

      Awesome! I bet you guys are going to have a blast! I’m soon going to post about the Airbnb experience I did, which was my favorite thing ever!

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