WOW Full Shoulder Workout – Sculpted & Sexy


Ok so … I LOVE to workout my shoulders! It’s one of my favourite training! My upper body gets really pumped easily and I just feel like my posture gets better…

I train those twice a week because I used to have really weak shoulders and they were dropping and arching my back. Also it helps getting this impression of smaller waist which I kinda like 😉 Let’s be honest !


 Shoulder wokrout camille lola fit

Why is it Important to Train your Shoulders?


You really don’t want to miss your training because you are using your shoulders every day and you need to keep in mind that they are the most unstable joint of your body ( because of its mobility). You can easily hurts your shoulders if they are weak by just carrying a box or doing something unusual.

You shoulders are made with 3 muscles and its important to work them all!  Especially if you are looking for a good aesthetic. Of course you don’t want to only have the front of them muscly and the rest flat!

 And also come on… we all want to wear a strapless dress with some nice sculpted shoulders ! Working on them will help your posture and maybe fix some of your back issues!


 BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, for the girls like myself who has bigger breast this can help a lot with the imbalance you might have because of the weight of your boobs. You might have your shoulder dropping to the front of your body… well working on the back of your shoulders (rear) will fix that !


Shoulder Warm Up 


When I train shoulders I spend 10 minutes just warming up, it’s very important and create a pre fatigue. Usually I use elastics or bands and I do some slow elevations.

I either put my feet on the elastic and then do the lateral raises or I attached it to a squat rack.

Warm up: 3 series of 20 reps on each side


Sculpted and Sexy Shoulders Workout

workout camille lola fit shoulders

We are going to do most of the workout in superset. This means that the exercises will be executed as a pair. You will do them one after the other without resting – just take 1min30 rest between each superset series.

Superset are great in order to increase the intensity of the workout. You will FEEL THE BURN !


Exercises Superset Series and Reps
Military Dumbell Press 1 4×10
Dumbbell Front Raises 1 4×10
Lateral Raises 2 4×10
Dumbbell Flies 2 4×10
Barbell Raise Finisher 2xMax
Disc Rotation + Raise Finisher 2xMax


Workout tips:

  • Slowly – For the shoulders try to always take your time, slow your movement down. I know it hurts but that’s the way to sculpted them and give them this sexy look you want!
  • Try Heavier – Don’t go for the lightest weight, again if you want the results you will need to feel it!


Check Out my Video for the Execution


Working out Yes… but with a Good Nutrition!


Don’t forget that what you eat will have THE real impact! If you train like a beast but don’t eat enough you are just going to burn fat and not create muscle and you can say bye bye to the round shoulder. You need to have a real good balance in your macros ( Proteins, Carbs and Fats ). And don;t just take a nutrition plan that you find online if you didn’t give any information about yourself! ( height, weight, activity level etc…)

Check out my article about How to Calculate your Macros.


Enjoy & Smile



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