The Best Supplements & Vitamins to Survive Winter ❄️


Winter is on our doorstep

I enjoy winter a lot… in France, but here in England I would say this is something else. More humidity, and more coldness. But let’s stay positive it also include christmas markets, mulled wine, snow, hot chocolates, and fire place in action! I LOVE THAT!

However to enjoy those few months ahead, we better be prepared!

Here are the supplements and vitamins I would advice you to have on a daily basis, in order to stay energetic and healthy as your are 😉


My Top 4 Supplements & Vitamins

Vitamin D3


You may know or not but vitamin D3 is the vitamin of the sun. This is why its important to take some of those during the winter months when the sun doesn’t really want to show its face.

Because, with no sun, our body doesn’t absorb enough vitamin D.

This vitamin has many benefices for your body, you should even take it the whole year!

Vitamin D3 benefices:
  1. Diseases prevention
  2. Boost of the immune system
  3. Prevent depression and winter blues
  4. Helps prevent some cancers

To me the most important part of this vitamin is to prevent myself from winter blues as I’m easily subject to it!


Vitamin C


The vitamin that everyone knows! Key supplement for everyone to have in their bag because it protect and maintain our cells healthy! While we go to the gym to get stronger, vitamin C train to reinforced our immune system. 😉  So unless, you eat a lot of fruit like oranges, clementines, kiwi etc.. You might want to consider starting a cure.

Vitamin C benefices:
  1. Protect & maintain Cells healthy
  2. Help producing collagen (better skin, bones and vessels)
  3. Prevent cold or help getting over it
  4. Reduce cholesterol
  5. Reduce fatigue




One of my favorite! This is a special supplement amazing for fighting winter blues or light depression. It helps creating and releasing more serotonin in your body.

Little science lesson about Serotonin 😉  This is a neurotransmitter. It makes you feel happy and more confident.

5 HTP benefices
  1. Increase the release of serotonin in your body
  2. Prevent depression or blues
  3. Reduce stress and anxiety (which leads to better skin and hair)
  4. Boost your mood




This is a good supplement as it’s a mix of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. It offers a large range a benefices! I would advise you to use this if you are a bit nervous or stressed and have some trouble sleeping.

ZMA benefices:
  1. Offer a more qualitative sleep
  2. Reduce stress & fatigue
  3. Healthier hair, nails and bones
  4. Optimize muscle function
  5. Enhance the protein synthesis




Say bye bye to the Winter Blues


I would say if you have to choose between all those supplements and vitamins, I would prioritize Vitamin D or 5 HTP. For me, those two are the ultimate vitamins/supplements for winter !

You can find some of those supplements in supermarket or on

So don’t wait to long before starting a special vitamin cure! And if you already have a cure, tell me more about what you take by giving me your TOP supplements or vitamins list 😉

Enjoy and Smile




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  1. 4 mai 2017 / 12:02

    Winter drags many of us down—it sucks up our energy, causes joint inflammation and pain, leaves us with the sniffles, seasonal flu, and the winter blahs.

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