The Fruity Fitness Pancake Cake 🍓
Time to Bulk and be Healthy


Little Sunday Morning Recipe…

Because when you wake up with a headache or a hangover, all you want is Love…. and Pancake

Here is my recipe of pancakes, obviously the one I did on the picture isn’t really ideal when you are trying to lose weight…. However sometimes it’s just so nice to be naughty!

Fitness Pancake Recipe

Ingredients for 1 person

  • 4 eggs white + 1 yolk
  • 30g-35g of Instant Oats (flavor that you prefere or you can add some flavdrops  😉 Yummyyy
  • a bit of cinnamon if you like

Thats all!


  1. Mix all the ingredient together
  2. Put some Coconut oil in a hot pan….
  3. Wait until the coconut melt and the pan to be very hot
  4. Poor the mixture into it
  5. Cook on both side but not too much you don’t want it too dry!

Here you go … and guess what… Thats under 200 kcal! Also so good in this kind of breakfast it’s around 23g of protein! So very good to maintain and develop your muscle mass. You can if you want add some protein powder to it if you are really trying to increase your protein intake but don’t over add it.


Fitness pancake fruity


As you can read the recipe is the healthy version of my pictures…. For the cheatmeal version / pancake on the picture you can add anything you want!

  • Nutella
  • Almond Butter
  • All kind of fresh fruit
  • Mashmallows

Oh my god! This sounds like heaven right now! Can’t wait to be Sunday morning!

There are so many different version of Healthy or Naughty Pancakes, so I’m pretty sure you will find one that you will love! Even if you eat gluten free, Myprotein sell some Gluten Free Oats! And I can tell you for fact that it’s really good!


Girls, Fitness & Nutrition isn’t all about green vegetables and chicken. You also need some treats sometimes to boost your body and your mind! So please at least once a week, let go…


Smile and Enjoy




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