Uplift your CONFIDENCE – 8 Ways to Boost it.


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Being confident is tough… but you need this in your life. Stop thinking that you will look like a proper ass if you are full of confidence. This isn’t true!

I’ve been struggling with confidence for a while, and yes social media can help hiding this quite easily I have to admit. A cheeky smile, a good posture and BAM everyone thinks you are on top of it all. 😉  But I’ve been working on this and step by step I’m just learning things about myself and seeing the positive results of trusting, believing in myself.

It’s not that easy, so let’s get to some advise on how to get confidence back on quickly and efficiency.



Let’s start with this… yes yes you need to be reminded that you are an amazing person! It might seems weird but repeating this to yourself a few times a day will help. I usually do repeat this in my head if I can on a little break. I don’t do it often but when I’m really low it helps me fight the negative thinking!

You can also set a daily or weekly reminder on your phone!


Feel Good in your Clothes

Doesn’t seems very important but I can tell you that this can transform you! Every day prepare and choose an outfit that you love and in which you feel comfortable. It can be your work clothes, your night out outfit or even your gym stuff!

For example, when I wear heels to go to work I feel a lot more confident! It makes me walk slower and a bit more graceful than with my timberland LOL. I usually look like a woodchopper but with my heels I’m like a classical dancer ( or at least I think I am 😉

Same when I go to the gym, I always try to wear something that matches, in which I feel super comfy! It takes my workout to the next level for sure!

If you feel beautiful… people will see a confident beautiful person too.

Dress Up and Meet Up with a Friend

This is important, you have friends, use them! Let’s say you come home after a hard day at work, you feel bloated and just want to go to bed… is it really in that mindset that you want to sleep? NO!

Send a text to your friend and go for a walk or a little drink in town! Put on your nice pair of Jeans and your little heels! It might be tough to get out of the house but once you will be surrounded by other people and chatting with your friends, all of this will be gone and you will feel GOOD!

Do Something Kind for Someone

I’m not saying completely get out of your way to please someone but do something small that will make someone smile. It’s very refreshing and will make you feel good about yourself!

When you see someone giving some money to a homeless person, what’s the feeling you have at that moment? For me , I look at the person and I think, wow that man is really kind! And often I then give money too!

But the best feeling is when it comes from me first! Don’t just duplicate someone else’s attitude, be the FIRST to do it!

Buy that bottle of wine for your  best friend before she does… Offer some help to the person lost in the street of your hometown…

Stand Tall and Straight

Posture is everything! Come on! Physical behavior influences everything! Your mood, your interaction with other people, your…confidence.

So stand straight, roll your shoulder back and lift your chin a little bit. Here you go…. DAMN YOU LOOK GOOD!

Go for a Run, a Gym or a Beauty Sesh

Come on, you know you will feel good after it! Breaking a swear will liberate you from any tensions you might have at that moment. And between us, a little Glutes session will make your booty pop!  😉 
Here is a little article I wrote a while ago, it’s a quick HIIT session that you can do everywhere!
Do you have some extra money at the end of the month? Go get a haircut or get your nails done. It will make you feel amazing and you will be able to show off!

Being confident and arrogant are 2 different things

Okay we all know one person who took it a bit too far and is just a BIG ASS! We don’t won’t to be that, so always be aware of how people are perceiving you. it’s not about bragging, it’s about how you feel inside!


It comes by waves but something that really decrease my confidence is when I spend too much time on social media… following the wrong people. I used to follow a lot of fitness girls… some are super inspiring and pushing me forward to a better me and some other are just bringing me down so much. They are obviously not even aware of this but because I used to follow to many fitness girls I used to compare my body too much!

Comparison is the thief of joy and confidence.

Do something for yourself start to unfollow some accounts, the ones that makes you doubt yourself!


To Resume

There are lots of things you can do to enhance your confidence and self love! This mindset will only brings you opportunities and joy in life, so don’t miss this! If you have any other tips don’t hesitate t share them below 🙂


Enjoy & Smile



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  1. Danielle
    26 février 2019 / 22:00

    Love this and it’s so important to talk about confidence and how to help it! I’m reading a book on it at the moment!! It’s called the confidence project and it’s so interesting

    • camille
      27 février 2019 / 09:19

      Yes it can really change someone’s life! I will defo have a look at that book! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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