Why should Women take protein shake ?


What is a protein?


Let’s go back to high school! A protein is a molecule made of a large amount of amino acids which helps for the best function of our body. It allow the navigation of all nutriment (water, carbs, protein….). Basically protein are essential for everyone!

It’s also important to know that the supply in protein is mandatory because the body can’t create protein alone. 


Where can you find protein?


It’s important in your day to day nutrition to have protein. 

And happily it’s easy to find! You have two main source of protein, animal & vegetal.

Below a list of food (non exhaustive) which contains protein:protein bar


✓Meat (chicken, beef, turkey etc…)






✓Peanut Butter

And sooooo much more!


Then why should you take protein?


Proteins have a very important role in muscle development and recovery. But NOT ONLY! It’s also important for your nails, your skin, your hair… In short it’s clearly essential for your good overall health.

By being sportive and active your need in protein is higher than the average. Especially when you want to create or maintain muscle masse.

You would need to eat a lot of Kg of meat to reach your daily needs! This is why a protein shake is ideal and a great alternative, easy and quick.


How much protein do you need ?

Protein cookie

It’s important to know that too much protein isn’t very good for your kidney! This is why you need to know how much is your daily need and try to not overtake it.

You need to calculate like that, your weight X 1,5 or 2 if you do a lot of sport.

Example: I weight 56kg.  56×2 = 112g

So ideally I need to have 112g of protein daily.

To give you an idea, 100g of chicken/turkey = 20g of protein

A protein shake (25g) = 21g de protéine



When should you have your protein shake?


If you wish to have protein shake, start with one shaker par day only. Time for your body to adapt itself. (The first time you might have some digestion problems… but don’t worry it’s okay).

Take it after your training. You can either have it with milk or with water, I would advise you to have it with water has milk is very caloric. But this is as you prefer!

Personally I consume IdealFit Protein Shake because I really love the flavour they have and also because they contains less calories than some other brands.  AND I got you a little special code for you if you want an extra 10% your order ! Don’t hesitate to ask me about the flavours in the comments below!


Keep in mind 


Protein are vital for your body. It’s very important to have a sufficient intake daily, even more when you do a lot of sport!

If you have hard time eating a lot of meat etc… Protein shake will help you reach your protein needs.

Unfortunately Protein is still wrongly perceive… but girls, this isn’t doping at all! This is almost the same product that moms give to their babies.

So you girls go get a pink shaker with 1kg of protein, try it and tell me how it makes you feel, what are your favorite flavour etc…


Enjoy & Smile



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  1. Charline
    26 janvier 2016 / 23:08

    Quelques recettes ne seraient pas de refus ! Parce que les protéines, je ne suis pas encore assez sportive pour en prendre ^^

    • camille
      27 janvier 2016 / 23:19

      Ca va arriver bientôt 🙂 Je vais aussi présenter des programmes de nutritions comme ça tu auras quelques idées sur comment remplacer des protéines en poudre…

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