Heya! I’m Camille but preferable “Cam” ! A few thing about me you need to know.

Career: I’m a Global Content & Editorial Manager and a Freelancer, I LOVE what I do! <3

Fitness: I’m currently getting my Fitness Instructor & PT qualifications

Where Do I live? I live in Manchester UK but I work a little bit in Paris each month!

Favorite Meal: I can’t lie, I love food in general, it’s too hard for me to choose something in particular 😉

Favorite Drink: A little Elderflower Gin & Tonic

Favorite quote: Do what makes you Happy.

Fitness addict Camille lola Fit

Any pictures and words you will see on here will generally comes from me unless I mention it in the post.

Feel free to contact me for any questions, queries or collaborations

Email: camille.thiebaut7@gmail.com

Instagram: Camillelolafit