Fight The Bloat | 6 Tips for a Flat Stomach


I know, bloating is tough and can make you feel like crap. I FEEL YA GIRL ! 

But hey, it’s not a fatality and there are things you can do to avoid it ! 

Lets go through the tips list together.

1 – List of Food to Avoid

avoid bread for bloating

Wheat ( Most breads, pastas, tortillas etc etc)

This is the worst for me, this does make me bloat every damn time! I do eat some though but I know I’m not going to feel amazing. I would recommend to try some gluten free food which are great alternatives. You can also focus on food like Quinoa, Rice, Oats etc that are gluten free.

Broccoli and Cruciferous Vegs

I literally eat this almost everyday because that’s the only green vegs that i like and its very healthy. However they contains certain things that might make you bloated, especially if you are eating them raw! You can replace this with Spinach, zucchini or cucumbers.


Yep those… you probably already know this! Long story short beans are fermented by gut bacteria during digestion and cause discomfort and bloat. The black and pinto beans might be better to digest if you still want to eat beans. If you are looking for an alternative then think about grains and quinoa.

Dairy Products

Dairy foods are super important for your body but unfortunately a lot of people are intolerant to lactose which can lead to digestion problems. Did you know that around 70% of the population were lactose intolerant? You may not know it for yourself as the symptoms strength change from person to person. You can replace this by almond, rice, soy or coconut milk / yogurt for example !


There are other food to avoid like Apples, Onions and Garlic. But we still need to live and enjoy our meals so let’s not get crazy!


2 – List of Drinks to Avoid

2 beers

BIG BIG one! We should all drinks water most of the time, and when I say water I mean still water! No bubbles, no sweeteners!


Of course beer! Its bubbly and it’s most of the time full of wheat! Best combo for bloating easily. But don’t worry there are alternatives like red and white wine or rose, those are fine and delicious!

Carbonated Drinks and Soda

Please please forget those ! They are SO bad for you! It contains a lot of carbon dioxide which create gaz in your body = BLOAT!

Try to focus on plain water / tea or coffee. I struggle to drink a lot of water, so what I do is that I use the Ideal Boost in my water bottle. It gives a great flavors and also contains green tea extract and caffeine which is perfect !


3- Take you time to eat

If you are like me, you finish your meal in 5 minutes and that’s not good. Your body doesn’t have the time to realise that you are eating and doesn’t tell you when it’s full. So you basiccaly continue to eat even though your stomach is full and you end up bloated for like 3 hours.

Few things you can do to slow you down. Try to eat with a slow eater and copy him or her or just try to put your fork down between each bite.


4- Try Essential Oils

essential oil bloat

Yeah It sounds weird at first but some essential oils really help with the bloat. They often have anti-inflammatory effects

There are a few you can try, my top 3 to relieve bloating are Chamomile, Peppermint and Ginger ! You can either add a few drops to a tea or glass of water, you can also add drops to a hot bath ( my favorite way)!  The last way is to add a few drop to some coconut oil and then rub it on your tummy for example.


5- Fresh Lemon Juice Every Morning

I know It might not sounds delicious, but this works for me! Every morning I squeeze a lemon into my tea or a big glass of water and drink it all! This is a long term solution as you will see results weeks after weeks.


6- Sleep Tight !

Last but not least, sleeping is your body recovery time, this is when your body will reset everything for the next day! So try not to go to bed right after dinner, let digestion kick in before. Try to sleep at least for 7 hours.


End note

Everyone is different and react differently to food / drinks lifestyle! The bloat can be beaten, but if you want something durable you will have to adapt your lifestyle a bit.


Enjoy & Smile



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