Girly Range Launch at the Hale Country Club





I could clearly define myself as lucky when it comes to my work.

It’s a very young environnement with the average of 24 years old colleagues. The Hut Group own more than 20 brands, like the one of work for, Myprotein. Yes obviously fitness is a big part of it but in my office you can even see people working for beauty, fashion and geek website retailer.

I work for the SEO Content part of Myprotein as a manager for the Blogs. I would say, I might spend 80% of my time at my desk on a normal day… BUT (yes you were waiting for this) the special thing about my job… is that I can attempt to very special & backstage events sometimes.

And today I will take you through the Launch that we did for the New Female Range – Active Women.


The Hale Country Club – The place to be


This amazing relaxing place is located in cheshire, 15 mins south of Manchester! And I would highly recommend you to have either a spa day or dinner there! No joke you will thanks me later 😉

So as I said you can enjoy a Spa day, with everything you need like indoor and outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Salt cave, Steam, Fire and Ice room, any treatments you like and much more ladies… But you will have to discover by yourself 😉

You obviously can find a Gym with free weights and cardio equipment and also a big and luminous class room.

ANYWAY !  I’m getting away from my topic right now!



Active Women Launch Event


For the launch of the new range, Myprotein Team has worked hard and invested a lot of time into this event. Bloggers and Celebrities have been invited to participate to a breakfast, presentation of the range but also a fitness class!

This Below, was one of my favorite fitness class ever… I usually avoid everything that include being coordinated with my body but what I can say is that this Trainer was Fabulous! 😉


Yes those girls are Louise Thompson, The West Twins and Abby Pell… 🙂

Also the team prepared some yummy treats mades with some Myprotein Products ( Vegan Recipes)

vegan recipevegan recipe strawberry








Now you probably think – “Hum okay so basically she just eats all the time and do a little bit of fitness when she has a minute”  Well I won’t blame you for thinking this 🙂

After sweating a bit and eating a lot we took a lots… lots… LOTS of pictures

15008076_1341061282571848_1365628576_o15007791_1341061299238513_161899436_o 15053188_1341061312571845_421920647_o
















Oh wow it’s almost ten o’clock I have to get my mom at the airport!

Have an Amazing Weekend Beauties!


Enjoy and Smile




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