Top tips to deal with sweat + FRÉ Skincare Review



Yep we all sweat… and if you don’t well, you are either a very lucky girl or you just don’t workout hard enough 😉

How great do you feel when you start feeling sweat dripping on your face or if by looking in the mirror you just have an obvious dark stain on your grey legging ? Not good ! I mean, in a way it means that you are smashing your cardio workout! Also sweat is good in order to expel toxins and maintain proper body temperature.

However leaving sweat for too long might be awful for your skin, especially on your face! It can cause stress, dryness, loss of elasticity, create bumps, rash, spots and the list goes on!

There is ways to prevent all of this, and here are my tips


TOP 5 tips to deal with sweat


1- The obvious one, use a great deodorant

Choosing your deodorant with attention is important. What do you want your deo to achieve ? Completely stop the sweat? Smell really good?

I’ve selected 4 different deodorant for different uses.

  • You don’t sweat to much and doesn’t smell that bad

What you need is an antiperspirant. It’s not too strong and will just do the right work. You can also try a crystal deodorant, this doesn;t have a smell but work really well for me.

  • Your armpits smell like an old shaker…

In this case you need something super strong ! And you might not find that without a prescription. I would recommend to go see your doctor and explain the situation. He will be able to prescribe something special for you.

  • You just want to smell like a flower

WELL this can be find anywhere really, I personally love the DOVE ones like THIS ONE 

There is also some specific one which doesn’t leave white marks on black clothes etc. Just try few of them and decide on the one that you works the best with you!


2- Don’t wash your hair every day

I know I know this is tempting. However there is so many bad effect of this!

  • Create more end splits
  • If you have coloured hair well this will wash away faster… and I mean hair colours aren’t cheap!
  • It wash away the natural oils created by your hair for their own protection.

Hey guess what? The less you wash them the less they become greasy fast!  I personally wash my hair every 3 days and sometimes this is just better to style them 😉


3- Pat your skin don’t wipe it !

Great advise that I literally just started to do! But wiping the sweat on your face isn’t great, it’s just going to spread it out.


4- Don’t exercise with makeup

Because when you workout you pores open up and will suck in all the bacteria from your makeup! Make sure to clean/wash your face before your hit the treadmill. This will definitely help to avoid your skin from breaking out.


5- Wash your Face post workout

If you leave the sweat too long your pores are going to close back and the sweat is going to be clogging your pores ! It’s a NO NO.

I saw someone at the gym the other with some face wipes and I’m seriously thinking about doing the same thing now!


I tried FRÉ Skincare – Honest Opinion


Ok so I received the 123FRÉ SET which include 3 different products. The packaging was very cute and high quality. There was also a little cute bag that I really like to take to the gym.

Product 1 – Protect Me

protect me fre skincare

This cream has a SPF 30 which is very useful especially now with the sun coming back. You can use it before your workout, especially if you are working out outside.

Texture: Super light and make your skin feel fresh!  They used a hypoallergenic formula which is perfect for your pores!

Fonction: Protect from sun damage, pollution and hydrates your skin.

Tips: I also used it when I went to the pool.

Product 2 – Purify Me


The one is to use post-workout during your shower or just washing your skin it self. It exfoliates your skin, but what I like about it, is that it’s very gentle on your skin. My face is very reactive to anything to all those extra exfoliate and get really red but with this one no problem at all!

Texture: Creamy and has few jojoba beads

Function: Exfoliate, de-stress, hydrate and re-balance your skin after your workout!


Product 3 – Revive Me

fre skincare product

My ultimate favs out of the three. I LOVE the smell and how it makes my skin feels! So it’s a super fresh serum with loads of benefits ( see below )

Texture: Light and Fresh like a gel

Function: Fight the dryness, skin fatigue, it regenerates cells and collagen which help with premature aging.

Tips: I use this one every day right after my shower, just before putting my makeup on!


My General View

I really like the products a lot and I will continue to use them until they are empty! I would say that the pack is a bit expensive  ($115) and as I never spend that much money on skincare I wouldn’t probably buy it again.

HOWEVER remember when I told you I got your back ? Well I got you a 25% discount on their site ! SAY WHAT ?

Go on the site HERE and use the code CAMILLE25

I hope you enjoyed my little skincare article !

Enjoy & Smile



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