TOP 5 Supplements To Lose Weight & Burn Fat

We both know what happened in December… Oh yes NAUGHTY !

We’ve been eating loads and loads. And you know what… it’s fine! We’ve been enjoying it all! There is no need for regret but there is also need to start thinking about the shape you want to have in few months time!

So let’s crack on please

CLA supplement idealfit camille

Very natural picture don’t you think ?  😛

What can those supplements do for you?

Most of the supplements below have similar benefits like:

  • Can increase fat burning
  • Help reducing your appetite
  • Reduce the amount of certain nutrients adsorbed by your body
  • Can increase your resistance to Fatigue


My transformation

I’ve been quite sporty when I was around 11 but when teenager season kicked in I completely stop caring about my body. I was eating a lot, junk food, throughout the day, I wasn’t active and I was playing video game most of the time!

I gained around  20 pounds when I was 17 when I was doing a year abroad in USA.

When I came back, I didn’t like the way I looked anymore. This was quite painful. After few month of unloving my body I decided to take control back! But I took it a bit too far! I was controlling everything I was eating, I was running a LOT. This lasted around 9 months.

Since then I’ve find the perfect Healthy Balance! I’m still enjoying food that I love everyday. I’m working out every day and taking supplement that allow me to be crazy during the week end 😉


TOP 5 supplements to lose weight and burn fat

I’ve tested each of those below so if you have any questions please comment it below 🙂

1- Caffeine

Yes caffeine is the first on my list because it’s the most common one. You can find it in Coffee (obviously), Coca cola, Redbull, Dark Chocolate, Green Tea and a lot of other drinks. ( but those have a lot of sugar be careful). I have a good reaction to caffeine so it really wakes me up and boost me for a good workout. It allows my metabolism to be like Speedy Gonzales! ARRRIVAAAAAAA ( I hope you got that one 😂

How much should you take daily?

A lot of researches have been made and the result is that up to 400mg caffeine is safe. ( for adults guys !). If you take too much it could be bad for your heart.

When should you take it ?

Ideally you want to take it 15-20 min before your workout! This is going to give you the necessary energy to smash it! Avoid to take it too late at night if you want to sleep !

How to consume caffeine? What are the formats?

You can find many different type of caffeine like the below:

  • in Drinks ( coffee, redbull etc…)
  • in Powder
  • in Pills (that’s what I use)
  • in Stick
  • in Gum


2- L-Carnitine

L-carnitine idealFit to lose weight and burn fat


I also use L-Carnitine daily because it helps in the production of energy which allow my body to burn more calories! It’s helps conducting the fat into your cells where the fat will be then used as fuel for your body.

Keep in mind that it works for me but it might not have the same effect on you! This is why you should a cure and see if you actually see some results!

This is one of my favourite supplement !

How much to take daily ?

You can take up to 2 or 3 grams daily.

When should you take it ?

I usually take mine with my caffeine pills, so just before my workout. You can also take a dose with a post workout meal/snack to increase the benefits.

How to consume L-carnitine? What are the formats?

L-carnitine can be consume as a pill or as a powder that you mixed to your shaker of BCAAs for example.


3- Glucomannan

Ok, so this one is dietary fiber ( indigestible portion of food ). It’s made from a Konjac root. It helps reduce the absorption of carbs in your body, which literally support weight loss.

How much to take daily?

Okay so it will be weird to hear but you can take up to 25g per day ( but this includes also glucomannan in your food! Don’t take up to 25g of glucomannan supplement ahah)

I personally take 5g before two of my meals.

How to consume Glucomannan? What are the formats?

As most of the supplement you can find it as a powder, pills and tablets.


4- CLA

A little bit of science for this one? CLA stand for Conjugated Linoleic Acid (fatty acid) which can be find in a lot of the food you already eat daily! This one helps by improving the consumption of fats and reduce its storage.

How much to take daily?

Some experts recommend to take  2 to 3 grams of CLA per day. I personally take 2g

How to consume CLA? What are the formats?

You can find this supplement in Capsules or Powder.


5- All in one Fat Burner

Okay so you have the choice here between taking all the supplements above which will be a lot of capsules probably or it exists some Fat Burners which include a lot of good ingredients / other supplements !

It’s very useful when you don’t want to have to count your pills every day!

The one that I used to consume is the IdealLean Fat Burner, it contains:

  • L-carnitine
  • Caffeine
  • CLA
  • Green coffee bean
  • Green tea extract
  • ThermoDiamine
  • Black pepper extract

YEAH YEAH, it pretty much has everything I needed ! It’s really the Ideal Cocktail of supplements if you want to lose weight or/and burn fat. My biggest advise though, is really to not consume it at night, unless you are going out and want to be hype and SUPER awake 😉


I take this fat burner in the morning 30 minutes before my workout, it makes me sweat and just help me destroy my workout!


To Keep In Mind

All those supplements that I’ve mentioned aren’t magical cures and won’t make you lose weight in a second.

You will need to exercise weekly and control your nutrition. I’m not saying you need to train 7 days a week and have a very strict diet. But you need to be an active and make sure to control your sugar addiction 😉

Quick tips for your nutrition if your objective is to lose weight:
  • Don’t eat any carbs after 5 pm
  • Eat 5 times a day but smaller portion
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Snack healthy (you can forget the donuts SORRY)
  • Workout on an empty stomach early in the morning


Quick Exercise Tips to Burn Fat Fast

As I said earlier for faster results you will need to have a certain active lifestyle ! I would advise the below:

  • Work out in the morning before your breakfast
  • Do HIIT trainings ( Check out the benefits here)
  • Try do be active throughout the day ( YEP take the stairs! )


Have you been taking some of those supplements? Tell me below how your body reacted to it! I can maybe help you with dosage etc ! If you want to buy from Myprotein you can have an extra 25% off if you use the code ” CAMI ” 🙂 And if you want to help me out click through my affiliation link, it helps me being able to create more content for you.


As your nutrition is important I’ve done 3 smoothie recipes for a better tummy, great for detox ! Discover the recipes HERE

Have a wonderful day Boo!


Smile & Enjoy



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  1. 28 septembre 2020 / 10:58

    Nice article! Adding these supplements in your daily diet would be really helpful to achieve the weight loss goal. I will definitely recommend them. Thanks and keep sharing.

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